NEESC-Job Seekers


At the Northeast Employment Services Centre we offer a variety of workshops designed to help prepare you for your job search. For more information about our workshops contact us.

Our workshop modules include:

Find out what sets you apart from other candidates- the unique abilities, skills, and experience you have to offer an employer. Take the time to identify your best attributes and learn how you can best communicate them to employers.
It has been said that “It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going.” Identifying where you want to go and the steps needed to get there can help you take positive action towards achieving your short and long term employment goals.
What does the term “labour market” mean and how does it apply to you and your job search? Learn about the concepts and trends related to the Labour Market Information (LMI) and how they can impact your career choices. Gain insight on how to research LMI specific to your field of work.
We can make it easier for you to apply for jobs online by helping you develop the skills required for effective and efficient job search. Learn and practice essential computer skills such as basic editing and formatting techniques, how to save and attach a document to an email.
Learn how to communicate your experience, skills, and strengths on paper and identify the resume style that best highlights your experience. Receive guidance on how to create individualized resumes and cover letters for specific job targets and/or applications. Practice writing about yourself in a way that helps employers recognize you as a motivated and qualified candidate.
You have an interview next week – what do you do? Prepare by learning about the different types of interviews, the most commonly asked questions, and how to respond to them. Whether the interview questions are commonly asked or challenging to answer, practice your responses so you can be at your best for your next interview. Learn about how to conduct research on a prospective employer so that you’re able to ask thoughtful questions that demonstrate your interest in the position/organization.
Opportunities are everywhere! There are a lot more jobs than those that you see posted online or in the paper. Find out how you can access the “hidden job market” by practicing effective job search techniques that directly target the employers or industries you want to work for. In our socially connected world, building a community around you can help you exchange and share information about jobs, industries and companies.
We review what you need to know before starting a new job, so that you start your first day prepared and ready to go! Etiquette plays an important role in the workplace; etiquette can help us build effective workplace communication skills. Knowing the formal, but not written rules of your workplace, can help you to build healthy relationships with your co-workers and supervisors, and good manners can lead to an enjoyable work environment. You will also learn about basic rules and responsibilities for employers and employees in British Columbia.