Wage Subsidy

Clients of the WorkBC Vancouver Northeast Employment Services Centre are eligible to participate in the Wage Subsidy Work Experience Service offered through Employment Program of British Columbia (EPBC).

Wage Subsidy Work Experience Placements provide a wage subsidy to eligible employers as an incentive for employers to hire and provide work experience and skills enhancement to eligible job seekers who are identified as needing work experience.

Eligible employers can be provided with funding to cover up to 50% of a participant’s wages and workplace accommodations, if needed.  Contracts are reviewed on an individual basis and may be approved for a period of up to 24 weeks.

In order to qualify, the employer must have been in business for at least a year and must have the appropriate WorkSafeBC coverage.  The Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation cannot subsidize temporary, seasonal or contract employment. The employer must also have a valid payroll system in place, including appropriate remissions to CPP, EI and CCRA (Revenue Canada).

Eligible expenses will be negotiated with the employer and by EPBC program representative. In order to access this funding, the candidate cannot be currently employed with the business at the time of the application.

For more information about Wage Subsidy Work Experience Placements contact us.